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Welcome to Self Made Sistahs!


This is a website and blog that encourages black girls and women to pursue success. With proper planning, constant learning, and persistence, your dreams are within reach!

This is a space for you to learn about ways you can begin to prepare for college, a future career , as well as obtain lifestyle tips! My goal is to provide you with insight and tools that i've learned from over the years. Feel free to share any information you find useful with friends and family! Let's grow together!

You are bold, you are beautiful, and you've got this sis!

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Graduation Caps

Approaching highschool graduation?

Starting college?

Seeking to start a new career?                                         What now?

Check out these pages for great tips and resources

  • College- your go to for college preparations tips, dorm tips, and success tips.

  • Career- find helpful tips for interviewing, tips on how to seek mentorship, useful websites, and more.

  • Self care- overall mental and physical wellbeing is important to truly reap the benefits of all your hard work. We share tons of tips on healthy living and mental health.

  • Life style-  find your home decor , fashion tips, and everything conducive of living your best life here!

I hope you enjoy my  site, and blog as much as  I enjoy helping you be your best self~ Please use the button  below to indicate what additional info you would like to see on the site.

Thanks Sis!


Black Owned Businesses & Nonprofits 


Check out these amazing black owned businesses! Be sure to check back quarterly. As we will continue to feature up and coming black entrepreneurs. Let's support and uplift our brother and sisters.

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