Physical Fitness

  • Many colleges have on sight gyms, indoor race tracks, swimming pools, and basketball courts. Take advantage of these amenities as they are usually covered by fees you pay with tuition.

  • Join a local gym. Search nearby gyms near campus. Ask about student discounts. Often colleges have agreements with nearby gyms that will provide a discounted rate to students with proof of student id.​

  • Do at home our outdoor workouts. One of my favorite outdoor work outs in Arizona is Hiking. Research popular outdoor activities that could help you get your physical activity in weekly.

*Tip- Try to tie workouts into your week, at-least 3-4 times a week. Check out the Bonus workout checklist at the bottom of this page!

Mental Health

Fact: 87% of students experience stress in college. Here are a few things you can do to stimulate relaxation, and ease mental stress. Practice these often to promote mental wellness:

Yin Yoga  Stretching      Reading    Spend time with friends/family    
Dedicate personal time    Exercise    Practice Gratitude daily    Take a break

Rehearse positive affirmations     Meditation   Get enough rest     Speak to someone you trust

Eat Healthier

The freshman 15 is a real thing! As a college student it is tempting to eat inexpensive food regular that is most likely not great for your body.  The food we eat gives our bodies the resources you  need to function at your highest level ! Try these tips to incorporate healtier eating options .

  • Use coupons and budget:  Most colleges offer coupon books to get affordable healthy food options at a discounted price. Also try couponing or follow coupon gurus who provide you with tips for healthier eating on a budget. Check out One cute couponer. One of my favorite all time videos of hers is her showing us how to eat healthy on a budget  in this video .

  • Meal plan/prep:  By planning out your meals for the week not only can you save money , but you can minimize the chances of you buying unhealthy fast food.